Boemar prides itself as a leader in strategic research & development and is progressively becoming one of the most diversified and innovative product development companies nationwide. Through the introduction of specialized products for many diversified industries and a dedicated effort to think outside of the box, we continuously strive to enhance & improve traditional methods. Our unique leading-edge innovation, allows us to introduce revolutionary systems, which offer unparalleled quality and superior return on investment.


Boemar’s core business as a research & development company, is to introduce the most effective and viable solutions for unresolved challenges facing various industries Worldwide. Our growth is primarily attributed to a unique and diversified portfolio of custom product development, construction precision and extensive manufacturing experience, which has successfully set us apart from the rest. Our goal is to continue to be the trendsetter across a diverse range of industries, by turning imaginative ideas into leading-edge innovations & systems. This is seamlessly achieved by strategically aligning our research & development activities with our core business strategies, while integrating key patents, which ultimately revolutionize a respective marketplace.